ASIMCO Technologies Limited was founded in 1994.  With sales of over US$500 million, the Company is now one of the largest, independent components manufacturers in China. The Company supplies competitively priced, high quality products to both the China and global automotive markets.

ASIMCO Technologies makes a wide range of products, including fuel injection systems, a wide range of powertrain, chassis components, rotating electrics and NVH products.  With more demanding and strict government requirement on fuel economy, emission standard and safety and the deep understanding of China market, ASIMCO gives the highest priority to new product development and also upgrades its product profile.  Therefore, ASIMCO strengthens the research and development in fuel systems which common rail included, expanded power cylinder components (pistons and piston rings), stop/start starters applied to hybrid electric vehicle, iron block machining capability, air management systems which twin-cylinder air compressors included, engine exhaust aftertreatment, and engine braking systems.

ASIMCO Technologies is the first global components company to have its origins in China. Its unique position in both the China and global automotive industry has made ASIMCO Technologies an attractive strategic partner to leading industry players such as Cummins, PSA, Volkswagon, Caterpillar and Haldex, etc.  ASIMCO Technologies' highly skilled international management team runs an extensive manufacturing bases comprising of 9 major operating companies, 800 service stations and 6 independent R&D centers in China and regional offices in the United States, Europe and Japan. Approximately 85% of annual sales are made to customers in China; the remaining 15% are made to customers in the United States, Europe and Japan.

By adding value to our customers with quality, service and technology, ASIMCO Technologies is becoming a global leader in all its products to meet the needs of its global customers.