ASIMCO Group, to be one of the major suppliers to Cummins' ISG heavy duty engine, its delivery and quality show the great performance. On behalf of the Group, President & CEO Wang Bin was invited to attend and address Cummins's 40th Anniversary Ceremony as the sole supplier representative. He reviewed the previous cooperation between ASIMCO and Cummins and forecasted the development outlook.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan's new PVD low-corrosion coating, equipment and technique were successfully developed and the related products were launched in market. The company has promoted the automatic innovation program and developed five types of automatic machine samples, which have been put into use.

ASIMCO Shanxi successfully developed the vermicular graphite iron platform, thus laying a solid basis for its future development. The company was recognized by SFH's "Excellent Supplier Award".

ASIMCO Shendian's QDT-1201 start/stop motor passed German Volkswagen's testing, and certification and Shenlong start/stop motor plan was recognized by France's PSA. The passenger vehicle plant completed and launched the lean and intelligent assembly line of start/stop motors and rotors. The general assembly line of commercial vehicle was put into use, and were recognize by Yuchai and other clients.

ASIMCO Tianwei's common-rail products were launched and sold at market. The light-duty common-rail products started the batch production in Yuchai Power, and achieved the small-batch installation in Yunnei Power. The heavy-duty common-rail products will start the trial installation in Weichai Power, thus laying a solid foundation for the market sales in 2016.

ASIMCO NVH passed the on-site audit and formally developed the products to Isuzu's global engine platform. The Company passed Volkswagen Audi's audit as the logistics and potential supplier. ASIMCO Industrial Park Project –Anhui ASIMCO Sealing Technology Co., Ltd. started operation on a trial basis.

ASIMCO Camshaft's Viking camshafts passed the road testing in such extreme conditions as the U.S. Cummins' arctic temperature and Las Vegas's desert, and has been exported in batch to the U.S. Plant. The company received SFH's "Strategic Cooperation Award of Excellent Power".

ASIMCO Tianjin passed Daimler's OSA audit, and complete the rapid development and batch production of new products for Polaris. The company established the clearing line of DAF pedal products to make mobile manufacturing possible.

ASIMCO Meilian Braking was rated by Volkswagen China as the Class-A supplier. The company's first automatic production line of brake discs was created to achieve the means of production along the whole value chain.

ASIMCO Meilian AC's testing result of its DD11-B sample machines was recognized by Daimler.


ASIMCO Group was recognized by Beijing Foton Cummins as the "Best Supplier of 2014". ASIMCO Group was one of three prize-winners from their 190 suppliers.

The Visual Identity System of ASIMCO Operating System Eight Principles has been promoted and implemented in all the operating companies.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan created and launched the automatic production line of 12-station CDC and CYPR-CCC. Six independent new products were developed for JMC, SFH, Cummins and Weichai, etc. had been rated as the high-tech products of Jiangsu Province.

ASIMCO Shanxi set up its R&D center.

ASIMCO Meilian's air compressor business passed Daimler's OSA audit and became Daimler's supplier. It is marking the company's first entry into the ranks of the world's leading commercial vehicle company. Brake disc business, acquire the project of Mercedes-Benz in China; it also became Shanghai Volkswagen's supplier.

ASIMCO NVH was honored as "Bosch's Asia-Pacific Excellent Supplier" and by "2014 GM's Global Supplier Quality Excellence Award". The company passed GM China's QSB audit and Isuzu's global supplier qualification audit, and received the title of provincial high-tech enterprise again.

ASIMCO Camshaft was recognized by the Cummins China's 2014 "Best Six Sigma" Continuous Improvement Award.

ASIMCO Shendian became world's A-class supplier of Volkswagen, and access to global supplier qualification. Get the Shanghai Volkswagen / PSA and other international customers from blackouts machine fixed.

ASIMCO Tianwei supplied the common-rail products in small batch for OEMs. The company created the 100,000-level clean workshop, and developed and launched the assembly line of common-rail pumps and injectors. The company's R&D Center was rated as the city-level technology center by Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology.


ASIMCO (China) Limited established.

ASIMCO Meilian completed the overall relocation of its production facility and introduced the international advanced equipment for its new plant.  The company achieved the goal of energy conservation and emission abatement following an overall decline of energy consumption.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan established the joint ventures with the U.S. ASM and Japan’s NPR respectively. The company’s six new types of piston rings were rated as the high-tech products, and the company passed the audit of “High-Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu Province”.

ASIMCO Tianwei was recognized as the High-Tech Enterprise by Beijing Enterprise Technology Center.  The Company’s heavy-duty common-rail product matched the client’s design requirement, passed China IV Emission Standard and completed 1000-hour engine reliability test, thus laying a solid foundation for the successful development of the new product.

ASIMCO Shanxi completed the strategic expansion project of No.2 Casting Workshop for the purpose of increasing production capacity and elevating technical contents. As a result, the company can manufacture more sophisticated products in larger quantities, and has developed into one of the leading engine cylinder block and head suppliers in China.

ASIMCO Shendian was recognized as the Excellent Quality Award by FAW VW, and the Excellent Supplier Nomination Award by Shanghai VW.

ASIMCO NVH was recognized as Bosch Group’s “Preferred Supplier” for four consecutive years.

ASIMCO Camshaft completed the reconstruction of resin-bounded sand production line in casting workshop, and the trial operation of automatic teeming line, thus waving farewell to the two-decade traditional casting operation.

ASIMCO International successfully developed the Navistar’s export business.


ASIMCO Group was recognized as "2012 PACCAR's Best Supplier".

ASIMCO Tianwei enjoyed the staged success of common-rail project. As the product developed together with clients, the company's heavy-duty common-rail system achieved the functions as required by the clients' design index, passed the National IV Emission Standard and completed "three-high" experiment. Besides, the company completed the engine reliability tests and the vehicle road tests.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan was awarded five new national patents. Specifically, the "piston ring with chromium-based diamond composite coating and processing method" was granted the title of National Invention Patent, and four new types of piston rings were awarded the title of Patent for Utility Model.

ASIMCO Shanxi announced the preliminary success in trial operation of KW casting line after the completion of sampling pouring. The annual production capacity reached 100,000 tons.

ASIMCO Shendian's three product series passed German Volkswagen's durability test and joint audit of technical development capacity by German Volkswagen, Volkswagen China and Shanghai Volkswagen, received the development qualification of ordinary and specialized starters, and enjoyed the qualification of synchronous development with Volkswagen.

ASIMCO Anhui was honored again as Bosch's Preferred Supplier in 2012, and was recognized by Bosch because of its major breakthrough in no-flash die technology. Besides, the company developed TVD products and achieved batch supply.

ASIMCO Tianjin Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. started the batch production.


ASIMCO created ASIMCO's Children Care Foundation.

ASIMCO Casting’s second production base, ASIMCO (Tianjin) Automotive Parts Co., Ltd., was established to strive for an annual output value of 500 million yuan.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan's Enterprise Academician Workstation was launched to conduct the joint development of new technologies and products with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other renowned research and development institutions.

ASIMCO Shanxi organized the “groundbreaking ceremony of the expanded casting project”, which is expected to start formal operation in April, 2013.

ASIMCO NVH was honored by Bosch China's 2010 Excellent Supplier and again by Bosch Globe's 2011 Selected Supplier.

ASIMCO Camshaft passed British Cummins's PPAP audit, and achieved the batch supply as one part of Cummins's global supply platform.

ASIMCO Casting was rated as Fiat Group’s First-class Supplier.

ASIMCO NVH’s Central Lab passed the review by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and received the certificate of National Lab.

Mr. Zhang Dejiang, Member of the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau and Vice Premier of the State Council, visited ASIMCO Shendian to conduct a field research into the company's production and operation.


Bain Capital purchased 100% equity interest in ASIMCO.

Wang Bin was appointed as the President and CEO of ASIMCO Technologies Limited.

ASIMCO Shendian was rated as FAW-VW’s Class-A Supplier.


Shuanghuan Brand was certified as one of Chinese Famous Trademarks by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan built the PVD, chromium-based diamond composite plating (CDC) production line, and developed the external circular face composite DLC technique.

ASIMCO NVH was selected as the Preferred Supplier of the Bosch Group for Rubber Parts.

ASIMCO Camshaft was restructured into a joint venture.

ASIMCO Casting was rated as the First-class Supplier by PACCAR DAF and BBAC.

ASIMCO Shendian was rated as Shanghai VW’s Class-A Supplier to start the batch supply.


ASIMCO donated more than 1.5 million yuan to the Wenchuan Earthquake-hit Areas in Sichuan.

Gary Riley was appointed as the President and CEO of ASIMCO Technologies Limited.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan joined hands with the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish High Performance Piston Ring Research Center.

ASIMCO Shendian launched the project of start-stop starters.


ASIMCO Tianwei was awarded Ford Q1 Certification.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan’s chrome-base ceramic composite coatings and piston ring received the Special Gold Prize Award at the China International Patent & Brand Expo.

ASIMCO Meilian received the Silver Award for top self-eject valve type unloading structure of air compressor and anti-freezing device of water cooled air compressor, and the Bronze Award for 35090 10-53DL air compressor and automotive air compressor cylinder cap assembly at the 17th China Invention Exhibition.

ASIMCO Casting was rated as FAW-GM Wuling’s First-class Supplier.

ASIMCO Casting was rated as MITEC’s First-class Supplier to provide the key engine parts for GM and Ford.


ASIMCO set up Kevin Li Scholarship Fund and Innovation Award.

ASIMCO Casting was awarded Ford Q1 Certification.

ASIMCO Shuanghuan’s Piston Ring Research and Development Center at the provincial level was built and put into use.

ASIMCO Camshaft was chosen as FIAT IVECO’s supplier and accessed FIAT’s global procurement platform.


ASIMCO Technologies Limited was named one of the Ten Best Employers in China in the survey conducted by Hewitt Associates and 21st Century Business Herald.


ASIMCO Camshaft (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. (ASIMCO Camshaft) was founded as a joint venture.

ASIMCO launched the business transformation from an investment-oriented company to an industry-focused company, and was renamed as “ASIMCO Technologies Limited”.

ASIMCO Casting was rated as Ford’s First-class Supplier.


ASIMCO Shuanghuan’s penetrating ceramic piston rings and Yuchai’s YC6108Q piston ring for diesel engine were recognized by China Automotive Industry Science and Technology Award.

ASIMCO Foundry (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. was founded as a joint venture.

ASIMCO Shendian, which passed Delco Remy’s audit, started for the first time to export G rotators to the passenger vehicle OE market in North America.


ASIMCO launched the ASIMCO Leadership Development Program for the first time.

ASIMCO Casting was rated as Shanghai GM’s First-class Supplier.


ASIMCO Technologies Limited was named as one of the Ten Best Employers in China in the Best Employers in Asia Survey (China) conducted by Far Eastern Economic Review, Asia Wall Street Journal and Hewitt Associates.


World Bank invested in ASIMCO Shanxi.


ASIMCO Tianwei and ASIMCO Shendian successfully developed the export business to Delco Remy.

ASIMCO NVH successfully developed the export business to Bosch.


ASIMCO launched the Development Program of New China Managers.

ASIMCO Components Group (USA), Inc. was founded as a wholly-owned company (it’s the predecessor of ASIMCO International).

ASIMCO Casting (Beijing) Company Ltd.(ASIMCO Casting) was founded as a wholly-owned company.


The General Managers of the ASIMCO operating companies attended GE Crotonville’s China Management Executive Program (CMEP).

ASIMCO International Casting Co., Ltd. (Shanxi) (ASIMCO Shanxi) was founded as a joint venture.


ASIMCO Shuanghuan was listed as the national key automotive parts company.


Hubei Super-Elec Auto Electric Motor Co. Ltd. (ASIMCO Shendian) was founded as a joint venture.

Remy Electricals Hubei Company Ltd. was founded as a sub-joint venture.

Yizheng Shuanghuan Piston Ring Co., Ltd. (ASIMCO Shuanghuan) was founded as a joint venture.


Asia Strategic Investments Corporation. (ASIMCO) was founded and headquartered in Beijing. (It’s the predecessor of ASIMCO Technologies Limited.)

John F. Perkowski (Jack) served as Chairman and CEO of ASIMCO.

ASIMCO NVH Technologies Co., Ltd. (Anhui) (ASIMCO NVH) was founded as a wholly-owned company.

ASIMCO Meilian Braking Systems (Langfang) Co., Ltd. (ASIMCO Meilian) was founded as a joint venture.

ASIMCO Tianwei Fuel Injection Equipment Stock Co., Ltd. (Beijing) (ASIMCO Tianwei) was founded as a joint venture.