May 17 , 2016  

ASIMCO Shanxi and ASIMCO Tianjin Attended "Metal + Metallurgy China 2016"

ASIMCO Shanxi and ASIMCO Tianjin attended the "14th Metal + Metallurgy China" as organized by China Foundry Association in Beijing International Exhibition Center on May 17-20, 2016.

ASIMCO Shanxi introduced twelve new products on this significant occasion, including the vermicular graphite cast iron cylinder blocks and heads for JMC Heavy Duty Vehicle, ISG cylinder blocks and heads for Cummins, and 13L cylinder blocks and heads for SFH. These premium castings attracted great attention from Daimler's purchasing director, Weichai Power's Deputy General Manager, Grenzebach's Casting Division Director and JMC's casting director. The company's General Manager took this chance to introduce the company's technology and production to these potential customers in details. ASIMCO Group's President Wang Bin also visited the company's exhibition booth for instruction. The leaders of China Foundry Association visited the exhibition booth for several times. After several rounds of our earnest appraisal and selection, the company was recognized by China Foundry Association's "Gold Prize for Excellent Castings". After this exhibition, the company has further enhanced its market reputation and influence, and taken a more determined attitude toward the marketing strategy of "keeping track of four-cylinder engine development and exploring other business than cylinder blocks and heads". Meanwhile, the company has learned more about its market competitors.

ASIMCO Tianjin also introduced its latest products to all the professionals present at the exhibition for the purpose of communication. At this three-day exhibition, the company's overall competence reaped the recognition and attention from many clients. Daimler's Purchasing Manager, Siemens NEV's Purchasing Manager and Santroll Electric Automobile's Purchasing Manager visited the exhibition booth to learn about the current progress with aluminum castings and to talk about the cooperation potentials.

Metal + Metallurgy China is a significant exhibition with a history of more than two decades, and has evolved into an Asia's top foundry exhibition with the world's second largest influence. With a total area of 108,000 square meters, this exhibition attracts outstanding talents through abundant resources and well-targeted positioning. This exhibition, which is acclaimed as a "barometer for China's foundry industry", invites the industry's leading exhibitors and professional audience. Metal + Metallurgy China 2016 attracted more than 1300 renowned exhibitors from over thirty countries and regions, and more than 100,000 professional audience from over eighty countries and regions. China's leading exhibitors include FAW Casting, Changlin Casting, Tianchang Cylinder Head, Weichai Power Casting and CME Casting. The exhibitors from China and abroad showcased their most cutting-edge technologies, equipment and raw and auxiliary materials, and other premium products and development philosophies. In the meantime, ASIMCO has gained great inspirations from lots of new and high technologies like sand core's 3D printing technology, cleaning of robot castings, and coreless casting.