March 7 , 2017  

ASIMCO Shanxi Recognized by DCEC's "Best Supplier Prize"

Dongfeng Cummins (DCEC) organized the "Annual Strategic Suppliers Conference 2017" in Xiangyang on March 7, 2017. ASIMCO Shanxi was recognized by the "Best Supplier Prize" for its excellent quality and service. The company's General Manager Tian Guozhu, as the sole representative from suppliers, delivered a speech to share the company's insights into and experience in quality and management.

The company introduced ASIMCO AOM and AOS in its operation management process. For quality management, the company shared its experience as follows:

  • Appointing deputy general manager in charge as product quality management commissioner while defining scope of responsibility and allocating resources;
  • Promoting standardized work and reducing the fluctuation of product quality caused by the process fluctuation;
  • Implementing layered process audit (LPA) on a full scale, and conducting regular reviews and corrections to keep the manufacturing process under control;
  • Implementing casting non-retrievable project; there's escape or luck for none of the employees, and the quality of casting increases rapidly and continuously.

Based on the satisfactory quality performance and long-standing strategic relationship for the last two years, DCEC offered the company the development chance of ISZ13- liter cylinder blocks and ISZ14-liter cylinder blocks and heads, thus laying a solid basis for the company's market growth in the future. 

ASIMCO Group is one of five group-level strategic suppliers as officially approved by DCEC. Currently, ASIMCO Shanxi, ASIMCO Camshaft, ASIMCO Shuanghuan, ASIMCO NVH and ASIMCO Shendian all provided DCEC with the related products. These companies' products and services impressed DCEC a lot.