April 23 , 2017  

ASIMCO Camshaft Honored by "Cummins China's Best Product Support Prize 2016"

ASIMCO Camshaft received the "Cummins China's Best Product Support Prize 2016" in March 2017. The annual prizes for the best suppliers were provided by Cummins China to recognize those excellent suppliers with the impressive performances in the light of new product support, product delivery, quality improvement and performance, cooperation and social responsibility. ASIMCO Camshaft and Cummins have made the most competitive products and services available to the users through a series of measures including new product development, joint innovation, quality improvement, and reduction of client complaints.

For the R&D of the new product projects, the company has enjoyed considerable recognition and appreciation from Cummins when the open communication is adopted. During the product R&D period, the company works together with the clients to solve lots of improvement projects that need the verified design. The company's outstanding performance in various tests made clients fee quite satisfied. In particular, the camshafts that were developed for North America M engine last year successfully went through the 800,000km-long rigorous test. The camshaft performance was rated by the users as "None Defect" and "Excellent". "The survival of the fittest" is the social law of survival. "Winning the competition" is the corporate law of operation. We'll have a larger number of international clients. The company's permanent principle and goal are to translate the R&D capacity into the client's competitiveness and constantly create values for the clients.