March 12 , 2017  

Leaders from Shanghai HINO Visited ASIMCO Shanxi for the Cooperation of New Project

Several leaders from HINO HQs and Shanghai HINO, accompanied by VP of Marketing and Sales Wilson Ni and ASIMCO Japan's Chief Representative Bob.O.Iwata, visited ASIMCO Shanxi on March 12-13, 2017. As the leader from HINO HQ recalled, their last visit happened in 2011. They're very surprised and delighted to see the tremendous changes to the company for the last six years. What impressed them most was the broad and bright factory buildings and the brand-new equipment -- the new KW modeling line, the intelligent cleaning robot, the LED with real-time data updating, and the high-tech testing equipment and instruments. Considering all these changes, I'm more convinced that the partnership with ASIMCO Shanxi is our inevitable choice. The company's General Manager Tian Guozhu also talked about the satisfactory cooperation between ASIMCO Shanxi and HINO. HINO spared no efforts to help the company to overcome the technological barriers and make progress in P11C Project. We're strongly grateful to such an international client as HINO for the new changes, technologies and challenges HINO has rendered possible, and also for the company's supreme title as "Excellent Supplier" as granted by HINO.

The new project is introduced by HINO this time to measure up to the emission standard of those big-horsepower products in the future. Two parties conducted sufficient communications about the technique and development cycle of new products. Leaders from HINO voiced their great appreciation of and confidence in the company's technological performance and showed their considerable satisfaction with such a short delivery cycle. The company will try its utmost to provide high-quality products and services for HINO so that the clients feel contented and reassured!