July 5 , 2017  

Solutions Through Education
——2017 ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship Fund Announced

This year marks the fortieth anniversary of China's restoring of college entrance examination system. Over a period of four decades, huge numbers of young students have entered a new stage of life through this system. In 2016, ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship Fund celebrated its tenth anniversary. There're 122 scholarship winners for a period of one decade. Some are the Chinese overseas students who completed their studies abroad and joined ASIMCO, where their parents are working or have worked. Some joined the army. Some furthered their studies in China and abroad. More scholarship winners have graduated and are working hard in different posts. Those who haven't graduated from schools are studying hard on campus.

This scholarship falls at the same time of different years. We're delighted to see 27 candidates for "2017 ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship Fund" from all the operating companies. As we all know, this scholarship is founded in honor of Mr. Kevin Li's great contribution to ASIMCO Technologies. The scholarship will provide assistance to eligible children of ASIMCO employees, and encourage them to pursue the study in the disciplines of science, engineering and technology and make preparations for the development of science and technology in the future.

ASIMCO's management team members selected ten scholarship winners (who are ranked in terms of family names) through comprehensive consideration, evaluation and voting when the candidates' scores at college entrance examination, their college majors and these majors' connection with ASIMCO's business, the demand for scholarship, the applicants' intentions and recommendations by the companies concerned.

Let's express our sincere congratulations to them! We also congratulate on these college freshmen's bright future! We wish that their parents working in ASIMCO have successful work and happy life!

2017 ASIMCO Kevin Li Scholarship Fund

Scholarship winners University Major Parents
OpCo Name
Hu Yuchen Yancheng Institute of
Engineering management ASIMCO Camshaft Hu Xiaorong
Chen Jun
Li Yinxue Suzhou University Metal material engineering ASIMCO Shanxi Li Guoliang
Mi Xue Nanjing University Science experiment class ASIMCO Shanxi Mi Changliang
Ding Ling
Shen Yanghong Xi’an Polytechnic University Polymer material and
ASIMCO Anhui Shen Zhengping
Zhou Yueying
Sun Jing Huaibei Normal University Materials ASIMCO Anhui Huang Sunhua
Li Yuxia
Wu Jiaming Chinese People’s Armed
Police Force Academy
Electronic information
Xie Wangqing Anqing Normal University Computer science and
ASIMCO Anhui Xie Chuanwei
Wang Shiying
Yang Shutong Nanjing University of
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Aircraft design and
ASIMCO Shuanghuan Yang Dingkuan
Yu Cheng Nanjing University of Posts
and Telecommunications
Computer science and
ASIMCO Shuanghuan Yu Renyong
Zhao Zhiheng Wuhan University of
Mechanical & electrical
engineering and
packaging engineering
ASIMCO Shendian Zhao Xiaoming