July 15 , 2017  

Are You Ready for This Changing Era?
——ASIMCO HiPo Program officially launched

Talent development has been a challenge for years. Today, manufacturing sector is confronted by a dilemma characterized by technological innovation, process reengineering, talent shortage and skill gap. All the enterprises that stay ahead of market are well aware of the fact that talents are essential to the competitive advantages. Those leading companies have never ceased their steps in the efforts to explore, develop and retain the core talents.

When the principle of corporate development and staff growth is honored, ASIMCO Group has introduced a series of talent development programs for the last decades to help those ambitious and potential employees growth. Indeed, many outstanding talents actively take the chances to achieve personal growth and boost corporate development.

During the new development stage of ASIMCO Group in 2017, the group renewed its great attention to selecting highly potential talents, identifying their potentials and offering them all the necessary helps to ensure their rapid growth and progress. Since the outset of 2017, all the operating companies' general managers, the group's senior executives and HR personnel have closely worked together to make preparations for months, and ASIMCO HiPo Program 2017 was officially launched in Xuancheng, Anhui Province on July 15-17.

The selected 36 highly potential talents come from different functions like production, R&D, sales, quality and HR of those organizations under ASIMCO and ZMJ. ZMJ's Chairman Mr. Jiao Chengyao and ASIMCO's Chairman Jia Hao and President & CEO Mr. Wang Bin, as well as all the operating companies' general managers and the group's senior executives took part in the program launch meeting and were engaged in the heated interactions. The 36 highly potential talents, which were selected through the rigorous process, delivered the passionate speeches to display the qualities unique to the talents of this breed: active, passionate, goal-oriented, potential and committed. Within the ascending period of their career development, they're eager to learn and grow.


This HiPo Program started with Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. As a classic book that with the global influence for 25 years, this masterpiece focuses on those challenges and puzzles of individual lives based on the well-proven thinking frame, and helps individuals change mode of thinking, raise personal maturity and cultivation and even increase personal contributions to teams and organizations through the combination of knowledge, skills and intentions. 7H is a "compulsory course" for human growth and the new starting point of individual growth. Easier said than done. It takes action and practice before 7H is internalized. This HiPo Program will help every participant extend study to their work and life in a well-planned manner so as to create an efficient study-practice-study-practice cycle.

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ASIMCO HiPo Program 2017 will offer the comprehensive study and develop events. In addition to the study and communication together, the group also make some opportunities available to help the talents understand the corporate operation from different perspective, visit the pacesetting enterprises, communicate with outstanding talents and participate in challenging projects. What's more, there will be more chances for highly potential talents to demonstrate personal abilities and accumulate personal experience.

Furthermore, this program aims to identify a larger number of potential youngsters and give professional training chances for them in the early development of their career life. This program is the new highlight for the group's talent development program in 2017 and during the years to come, and will also help enterprises develop talents of different levels continuously and steadily.

Prepare talents and boost growth. ASIMCO has continuously explores the ways to develop talents, and worked hard to plan and promote the development of human resources more rigorously, scientifically and structurally. We're convinced that life will be more brilliant and enterprises will be more wonderful as long as an active attitude to life is pursued and we begin with the end in mind to achieve the mutual benefits.