September 1 , 2017  

Training Program on Six Sigma Course System Officially Started in ASIMCO Camshaft

ASIMCO Camshaft has maintained the record of 0PPM since 2006 in Cummins's global market, but the continuous improvement and the quality as the top concern are still the goal of constant pursuit and the internal driver behind operation and management for the company. To this end, the six sigma training program was officially started here. On the morning of September 1, group's VP Wu Yingxue and Manufacturing Support Director Liu Jun and the trainer Wang Kang as well as ASIMCO Camshaft's related leaders and all the trainees attended the opening ceremony.

After the "five tools of quality management" training course was successfully organized last year, the group's manufacturing support team has developed and introduced the "six sigma course system" of the same level as those multinationals. As a management method to improve corporate quality and process, six sigma aims to strive for the "zero-defect" perfection, reduce the cost of poor quality, increase the financial efficiency and make breakthroughs in corporate competitiveness. As the camshaft business continues to grow, there's a growing requirement for the engineering technicians and scene management personal to enhance their quality improvement awareness and use quality improvement tools more effectively.

Since the beginning of this year, the company has started to plan the implementation of this training program together with the head office's manufacturing support department. This training course was a very important part of the company's annual training program. This six sigma training course consists of five stages, each of which lasts for two days. This ten-day training course is designed to end at the end of December. Of 19 formal trainees, six comes from ASIMCO Shuanghuan. Each of them has an improvement project in the process of this training course. The project is conducted in strict accordance with the progress of this training course. The synchronous development of training and program can help them consolidate the theoretical knowledge more effectively and apply the tools to their projects.


Wu proposed several requirements for all the trainees at the opening ceremony. He hoped them to understand and master this way of thinking, cultivate the good habit of continuous improvement, enhance personal ability and make contribution to corporate development.

To ensure the final results of this training course, Wang Kang gave the special training on "Six Sigma Sponsor" for all the project sponsors from ASIMCO Shuanghuan and ASIMCO Camshaft on the day preceding the opening ceremony so that they can understand the importance of sponsors to the project development and realize the project results depend on teams instead of individuals. (Right picture: Six Sigma SPONSOR Training) 

Now the training course has been started. We expect that all the trainees can reap the fruitful results and apply their new knowledge to the scene management in the company.