March 31 , 2018  

ASIMCO Shuanghuan Honored by Ruili Group's "Excellent Supplier" Award 2017

Ruili Group staged its 2018 supplier conference in Rui'an, Zhejiang Province on March 31, 2018. At this conference with the theme of "Dedicated Service, Win-win in Cooperation", ASIMCO Shuanghuan was recognized by the annual "Excellent Supplier" Award. The company's DGM of Sales Yang Ming attended and addressed the conference as the representative of the excellent suppliers. Now the company's piston rings have accounts for over 90% of Ruili Meilian's total purchase.


ASIMCO Shuanghuan has made persistent efforts to introduce new management models during the recent years. When focusing on the manufacturing site, the company sets the standard for the whole production process and develops the well-controlled operation system to keep pace with the main clients' requirements in China and abroad. Specifically, the company has introduced and implemented some management models like TPM, six-sigma management, lean production and Ameba production, built the information exchange center between MES system and Ameba working group to achieve the transparent information transfer at multiple levels. In addition, the company has taken active measures to carry out smart manufacturing strategy and boost the automation upgrading of equipment. The company has developed eight types of automatic equipment for the last two years. As a result, the per-capita efficiency was raised by 10% and the number of production employees decreased by 6%, thus increasing productivity considerably. For quality control, the company made use of information-based, error-proofing and visualized methods to achieve the zero defects in quality control process when Ruili Meilian's product requirements are considered. The company continuously deepened "quality improvement strategy", strengthened process monitoring and improvement of key products, and increased product quality and process performance by organizing six-sigma activities, building quality improvement team, and encouraging total participation. The related data show that the company's IQC and on-site assembly quality in Ruili Meilian remained very stable and some indicators like exchange rate were higher when compared to other suppliers in 2017.


Ruili Group, like a black horse, did an impressive job in the industry last year. As Ruili Meilian's long-standing partner, ASIMCO Shuanghuan is the piston ring industry leader which has enjoyed the R&D and manufacturing experience of piston rings for about half a century. The company can create the products with more than 5800 specifications, and has forged the long-term partnership with over 150 domestic and foreign OEMs. Ruili Group is China's leading brake cylinder maker, and has cooperated with the company for years.

If the past cooperation with Ruili Meilian is reviewed, we find that the company made constant efforts to develop its core competence and satisfy the clients' increasing quality assurance performance, and that two parties have developed the strategic partnership featuring joint development, mutual benefits and win/win, and shared weal and woe. Innovation is made to promote growth and cooperation is forged to achieve win/win. The company will stay focused on client demands and provide high-quality products for clients. The company will make constant improvements to create bigger values for clients and achieve a win-win result with clients.