May 21 , 2018  

CNHI’s Global Sourcing Team Visited ASIMCO Camshaft

CNHI's global sourcing manager in charge of forging machine processing and CNHI Shanghai Office's Procurement Manager visited ASIMCO Camshaft on May 21, 2018.

The company's General Manager Chen Aiguo expressed his greeting to the visiting leaders. DGM Dai Hongxing introduced the company's development history and planning, and highlighted the new camshaft project in partnership with CNHI and those potential projects available for future cooperation between two companies. Then, they visited the casting workshop and metal machining

workshop, learned in details about the manufacturing process and quality control process, and inspected Phase III project that was completed at the end of March. They spoke highly of the company's processing site, sophisticated and well-supplied production and testing equipment, increase in production capacity and effective field control. As the CNHI team commented, since the two companies have enjoyed a solid cooperation basis for over one decade, ASIMCO Camshaft's products are globally competitive in the short-term or long-term cooperation and in the light of product technology and quality. He conveyed his strong hope to expand the mutual cooperation and his intention to arrange some new projects. This visit laid a solid foundation for the two companies' future cooperation.