May 29 , 2018  

Drill Possible for Safety, But Rehearsal Never for Life
—ASIMCO's EHS Experiential Training Communication Meeting Successfully Concluded

ASIMCO's EHS Experiential Training Communication Meeting was successfully concluded in ASIMCO Anhui's new EHS Experience Center on May 29, 2018.
Present at the meeting were 16 EHS executives from five operating companies under ASIMCO Group and ZMJ. This meeting became a complete experiential training process through such forms as participation in EHS experiential training, sharing and communicating ideas, sharing and summarizing the practical cases by ASIMCO Anhui and ASIMCO Shuanghuan, and discussion about possible uses.

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"Danger is better experienced than said. The field simulation is quite close to the practical production. For safety, an old way can't get new results."
"The experiential training is really good! The first-hand experience is never boring. I can gain some useful knowledge about life as well." 
"I can taste the care of corporate culture from the real experience on site."  
"I think it's quite good, practical and meaningful. It's a great way to teach employees."

"In EHS Experiential Center, "experience" is the most impressive part. EHS education model is different now. More importantly, people have a better chance to experience the simulated scenario. The EHS work has shifted from the company's requirements to the staff's voluntary acts and awareness."   
"People and especially new employees are provided with a sort of immersive work experience. This experience can protect the employees against danger and harm. In this sense, experience is really helpful." 
"EHS Experience Center changes the words and language used in traditional form of training to some tangible objects, namely the real work environment. This new sort of training contributes to deep perceptual knowledge, noticeable results, firm memory, and profound understanding and impression."

After ASIMCO Anhui and Shuanghuan introduced their development of experiential training respectively, all the participants shared their insights into experiential training, and explored how to practice the 'EHS experiential training" when the production site is reproduced. All the meeting participants offers suggestions for improvement. This experiential training became a great reference for ASIMCO's other companies to organize the EHS experiential training activities in the future.


Environmental and occupational health and safety are the most important basis for a company's operation, and the most important responsibility for each executive. Guided by the vision "to be China's leading auto components group with recognizable global impact", ASIMCO Group has never ceased its efforts to explore the best way to protect its employees and the environment, and is working hard to create its own EHS culture in the everyday operation.