July 20 , 2018  

New Layout, New Opportunity and New Challenge
— ASIMCO Group's strategy seminar held in Changsha, Hunan Province
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 ASIMCO Group's strategy seminar was held in Changsha, Hunan Province on July 20, 2018. The general managers, management teams and related department leaders from all the operating companies attended the meeting. Jiao Chengyao, Board Chairman of ZMJ Group, together with 12 senior executives from the Head Office and the coal mining machinery sector, was also present.
At the one-day seminar, ASIMCO Group's senior executives and general managers all gave a speech. As the first speaker, CEO Wang Bin examined the new situation and layout in today's auto market, shared the industry leader ASIMCO's freshest strategic insights, and inspired all the meeting participants' intensive strategic thinking. Two vice presidents including Wilson Ni and Linda Liu gave keynote speeches about the revolutionary changes experienced by the auto parts industry and the ways to retain and cultivate the outstanding talents separately. All the general managers gave reports on their own companies' development plans.

The strategy seminar included one panel discussion on the morning and afternoon respectively. The panel discussion became the key parts of this workshop. Trend, future, change, opportunity and talent are the keywords in this seminar. The participants discussed about the corporate "moat", the company's five-year planning, globalization, talent strategy, and the ways to make "environmental protection" become the company's competitive edge and to explore the new growth opportunities. Right here, there's heated discussion and tacit consensus. When the related problems were identified, their attentions were turned to those feasible solutions. Two panel discussions made good preparation for the company's five-year plan in 2018. 
At this discussion, we came to realize that the rapid growth is not merely the company's ways to deal with external competition, but the requirements for the company's survival and rapid growth. Internally, we'll pump more efforts into the product R&D work, elevate the automatic manufacturing and information-based management level, and create a more friendly working environment and broader development potentials for employees. Externally, when our core businesses are highlighted, we'll embrace new market and explore new opportunities.
In the concluding speech, ASIMCO Group's Chairman Jia Hao said that we should have a clear picture of those changes happening to our country and industry, and especially the rapid trends in our industry. We should seize opportunities, identify corporate goal, and equip the resources of management mechanism and talent team to realize the corporate goal. We should take a long-term view and aim for the future so that ASIMCO Group will be China's leading auto components group with recognizable global impact.