September 20 , 2018  

ASIMCO Anhui passed the joint audit by Bosch and BMW

The high-end sealing elements are ASIMCO Anhui's development goal. Now the company's flash-free sealing cup is China's sole product allowed by Bosch for mass manufacturing. As the company's key strategic partner, Bosch plans to use this flash-free sealing cup in its BMW project. This shows that the clients are highly confident in our products. This will set a solid basis for the company to achieve its five-year plan and further increase its market share.

Bosch and BMW conducted the second audit of ASIMCO Anhui on September 19-20 2018. In the audit process, we guaranteed the clean and bright site. All the employees performed the operation in strict accordance with the standard operation procedure. They calmly responded to all the questions. In this Q&A part, they demonstrated their solid professional basis and high-level execution of standard operation. This can be attributed to the ceaseless efforts of executives and all the employees.

Where there's a will, there's a way. This audit was successfully completed in the company. Our improvement reaped the clients' recognition. The company finally passed the audit by Bosch and BMW. This audit helped promote a positive environment in which all the employees stress quality and make active improvements. In the future, ASIMCO Anhui will confidently meet the new challenges when a higher standard and a more rigorous requirement are considered.