October 20 , 2018  

ASIMCO Shuanghuan Organized the Practical Operation Training on Low-Cost, Intelligent and Automatic Skills

ASIMCO Shuanghuan successfully organized the practical operation training on low-cost, intelligent and automatic skills (LCIA) on October 20, 2018. The executives from the company's Manufacturing Department, Production Technology Department and Production Management Department met at the second meeting room of Production Department to learn about LCIA knowledge about lean production, enrich their professional knowledge and strengthen their practical operation ability when their hunger for knowledge was cherished.

This Practical Operation Training on Low-Cost, Intelligent and Automatic Skills is based on the new textbook Low-Cost, Intelligent and Automatic Skills (LICA) (Edition 2.0) which was compiled by Liu Zongchang from Manufacturing Support Department of ASIMCO HQ. All the trainees took part in this training on LCIA knowledge (main advantages: simple, concise, limited cost and team intelligence) with the "empty-cup" mindset. They gained the preliminary understanding of the difference between two Chinese characters like働 and 动,the concept of Karakuri, LCIA's concept, classification and five elements, and the evolution of LCIA's improvement process.

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When the related knowledge about low-cost, intelligent and automatic skills was expounded, Mr. Liu tried to make each knowledge point more accessible with the support of videos-based real cases. During the one-hour practical operation of skills, the assembly of multi-functional flexible bench and return box rack bench was completed in the form of competition between teams so that the trainees could understand the physical principles of lean components and pedal recovery, and the team spirit marked by division of responsibility and tight cooperation was demonstrated.

The one-day training chance helped every trainee develop the right ideas about automatic operation and radically changed their conventional ideas about automatic equipment. Mr. Liu concluded that "This training is meaningful only when your knowledge is put into use." "This low-cost improvement must be continued. Knowledge and actions are one."