December 1 , 2018  

Quality as the Company's Most Admired Asset
——ASIMCO Anhui's Quality Principle Presentation 2018

ASIMCO Anhui held the Quality Principle Presentation on December 1, 2018. More than 260 people, including the company's GM Gong Huabin, together with executive team, managers and representatives from all the systems, participate in this activity.

All the employees responded actively to this activity. About 2451 quality principles were received, over 80% of which were provided by the frontline employees. The company's total participation in this quality surged a company-wide wave of focus on quality. Six employees were invited to speak on the occasion and share their original aspirations for creating quality principles and their ideas about the company's future quality work. The company leaders granted the prizes to the outstanding contributors.

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Liang Dongping, Manager of Quality System, introduced the plan of the whole quality activity. In fact, today's presentation is only a new start. The company will continue to introduce various quality activities and quality knowledge contents. The company's DGM of Quality Shu Feng explained the contents and meanings of "five quality principles" and announced "five quality principles" aloud with all the meeting participants.

As this activity's initiator, GM Gong Huabing unveiled the company's quality principles with all the other executives on this occasion. It's because of whole staff's joined minds that the company can finally have its own quality principle. Therefore, all the people present signed their names on the quality principle, the result of their hard work. It's an honor and a mission.

Quality needs the continuous work and the ceaseless improvement. The company is to innovate through attention to details, grow through innovation and prosper through development. Only in this way can the company secure the long-standing presence at the competitive market.