ASIMCO relaunched the appraisal and selection activity of "Innovation Award"

As the automobile industry is undergoing profound changes, we’re faced with some challenges, including how to push our traditional business to its maximum limit and consolidate our market leadership, how to seize the chances of sustainable development in the wave of digital transformation, how to make our way into the business of new energy vehicles so that the Group can be transformed into an enterprise operating in the new energy segment, and how to find the new path to the industry’s innovative development by going beyond ourselves.


Innovation is the most powerful engine behind an enterprise’s development. “Drive innovation in the auto industry in order to create a better life.” If we cast a nostalgic look at the Group’s Mission Statement inked a decade ago, we can still draw much inspiration from it even today. The word “innovation” is defined as follows: innovation means chances, dissatisfaction and reform. Without innovation, an enterprise will perish.


What’s central to the innovation-driven strategy is that we must continuously toughen our muscle of independent innovation. The real purpose behind the Group’s decision to relaunch the “Innovation Award” is to create an innovation-oriented enterprise and build the innovation-friendly corporate culture. To further ignite the enthusiasm of innovation in all the employees, we set three prizes of innovation, including:


- Innovation Award of Traditional Business

- Innovation Award of Digital Transformation

- Innovation Award of New Energy Business


We’ll make the “innovation” become an inexhaustible engine driving the Group’s march towards the future. In this world of growing uncertainty, we’re to keep forging ahead while remaining loyal to the foundation of “innovation”, so as to paint the Group’s bright future of high-quality and sustainable development.