China's leading auto components group with global impact
ASIMCO is one of China's leading auto components manufacturers
to provide high-quality and competitive components in domestic and global automotive markets. In 2016, ASIMCO Group was merged into ZMJ.

With 7 product categories, ASIMCO‘s business mainly covers three segments, which are commercial vehicle market, passenger car market and NEV market.  The main products are NVH and rubber seals, piston rings, valve seat rings and material process technology related products, such as engine cylinder blocks and heads, camshafts, and powdered metal parts. ASIMCO has long established good and stable customer relationships with all major engine makers and vehicle OEMs in China and has played a leading role in many of its product areas. 


Facing the trend of electrification and intelligence in the automotive market, ASIMCO is rapidly expanding into the new energy vehicle sector with the concentration on the R&D and manufacturing of NE Parts and Systems and entering into the electronic controlled air suspension, sealing products and connecting rod in chassis system, and battery cooling plate in thermal management system.


With 13 manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanxi, Chongqing and Thailand, ASIMCO has built 5 independent R&D centers to persistently improve its product technologies and development capabilities, as ASIMCO aims to develop a cleaner, more environment-friendly and more energy-saving world.  In the meantime, ASIMCO has also been rapidly increasing its international business by establishing branches in America, Europe and Japan, and offering technical supports and sales and logistics services, to cater to the needs of its global customers at the competitive costs through Chinese sourcing initiatives.


Taking “Drive innovation in the auto industry in order to create a better life” as its mission, ASIMCO’s professional engineering development capabilities, outstanding operating system coupled with its diverse product lines and assured quality standards, make ASIMCO an attractive and reliable strategic partner to many of the world's leading companies.

ASIMCO's Vision
To be China's leading auto components group with recognizable global impact
ASIMCO's Core Values
Teamwork · Customer Focus · Drive for Excellence
Respect and Responsibility
ASIMCO's Mission
Drive innovation in the auto industry in order to create a better life
ASIMCO's Leaders' Behavior
Strategic Thinking · Make Sound Decision · Drive Change
Engage and Inspire · Achieving Results · Learn Continuously